[Whitepaper] How Coronavirus Changed the Investor-Advisor Relationship

An inside look into how prospects' habits are shifting as a result of the pandemic, and how advisors can continue to win new business.

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SmartAdvisor helped advisors raise more than $5.2 billion in new assets in 2019 alone. 

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of investors interested in working with an advisor virtually has grown by 27%.


How Coronavirus Changed the Investor-Advisor Relationship

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SmartAdvisor collected input from thousands of investors seeking to be paired with a financial advisor throughout the pandemic.

We found that consumer habits are shifting as a result of the coronavirus. This report digs deeper into how advisors can keep pace with these changes - and supercharge their practice.

Report Highlights

During the first six months of the crisis, Google searches for the term financial advisor increased by 17%.

Since the coronavirus first reached the U.S., SmartAdvisor has recorded a 59% increase in investor assets matched with an advisor each month.