SmartAdvisor matches financial advisors with validated, local leads

Scale your business with high-intent investors in your area.

We're your organic growth partner.

SmartAdvisor helped advisors raise more than $5.2 billion in new assets in 2019 alone. 

We're committed to providing advisors with quality leads, account flexibility and outstanding customer service.


How SmartAdvisor Works

First, investors who are in-market for financial advice are invited to take a survey about their investment and financial planning preferences.

Next, after investors complete the survey, SmartAdvisor's in-house concierge team contacts them by phone, text and/or email to validate their contact information and intent.

Once they are validated, investors are matched with up to three financial advisors based on both investor and advisor criteria.

Finally, you receive each lead - complete with all contact information, investable assets, and survey responses - in one of two ways:

Directly to your inbox via email 

Instantly on the phone via SmartAdvisor’s Live Connections program

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Meet Your Future Clients

SmartAdvisor connects you with prospects who are looking for a financial advisor. 

More than 3/4

do not currently have an advisor


in average assets

Nearly 70%

are retired or nearing retirement